Whether you are serious about your golf game or just looking for a recreational area for your home, a SYNLawn® golf green is the solution for you.

Most people that play golf are passionate about their games and are always looking for ways to improve. Practicing their putts on the carpet in their living room. Stroking the ball into a glass on he floor of their office while they talk on the phone. Mimicking their golf swings on the elevator ride. While many of those exercises may be a substitute for playing on the course, nothing compares to having your own private golf green engineered by Dave Pelz and SYNLawn®.

Only a putting green from SYNLawn® will give you true golf performance for learning an improving your golf game. How do we know? We enlisted the hep of golf guru, physicist, and best-selling author Dave Pelz to create the most realistic artificial putting green ever made. SYNLawn® has been working wit Dave Pelz for the past three years developing golf products that perform as good as they look. Mr. Pelz researched, measured and studied golf resorts around the country. The data he collected has been incorporated in the design and manufacturing of all our golf products for he most natural golf performance imaginable.


For a Beautiful Landscape

Golf Courses worldwide are known for transforming land into luxurious well manicured gardens. A variety of green grass textures and colors, intricate designs, sculpted forms in the earth – a true thing of beauty. Visualize having all of the beauty of a golf course in your own yard without all the upkeep and maintenance.

For Learning

Learning the game of golf can be very challenging for most people. No place is more comfortable and convenient than having a putting green at your own home.
SYNLawn® is also perfectly suited for driving range teelines, driving mats and chipping mats that allow for complete swings without “grabbing” the club head.

For Fun & games

Convert your backyard into a usable space for everyone to enjoy. Have fun teaching your kids, entertaining your friends or brushing up on your short games by yourself. Just imagine all the time you could be spending outside playing on your own putting green. Makes you like a kid again.

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