Get the best artificial grass for your pets from SYNLawn North Florida. We Care!

SYNLawn® Pet turf is designed with your best friend in mind.  We all want our pets to be safe, comfortable and happy!  SYNLawn® Pet System offers the products to make that happen.  SYNLawn® has the widest selection of branded artificial grass pet grass in the industry giving you the freedom to choose the right look to fit your landscape. No project is too big or small, It all depends on you and your fury friend’s needs.

A clean and healthy pet is a happy pet. SYNLawn® pet turf helps protect against disease, harmful pests and no more muddy paws. No matter how many pets are running and playing on your SYNLawn® synthetic grass, your yard will always look great….no more brown spots or holes from digging.  With at least 30” per hour drain rate, your pet can use the area right after the storm.

SYNLawn® North Florida is focused on caring for you and your pets and your pet is an essential part of the family.  That’s why they deserve a safe, durable artificial turf area.  Our synthetic grass will be able to withstand the wear and tear of their paws and claws.

Benefits of Pet or Landscape grass for your fury friend:

Reduce pet orders with 100% organic Zeofill infill.
HeatBlock technology for temperature control
Allergy reduction
Pets remain clean – mud and dirt stay outside
Optimal drainage
Beautiful green grass

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